Green Benefits Group

Group Health Benefits,
Pension/Retirement Planning & Executive Compensation Strategies


  • Specializing in small to midsize companies

    Whether you have five employees or 500, there are only three main areas you should focus on when managing benefit costs. Let us show you how.
  • Benefits Alliance Group

    The Benefits Alliance Group consulting firm is one of the largest group of insurers in Canada. How does this market presence help you? Click above and find out!
  • Helping clients and employees

    The best compliment we receive from our clients is their trust. We take considerable pride in our client retention rate and continuously look for ways to enhance the services and value we bring to your business.


  • Retirement revisited

    Do your employees expect a lottery win to fund their retirement? We've developed programs designed to empower your employees and save more for their retirement and help maximize your pension investments.
  • Quick Health Access

    Feeling the financial strain from having an absent employee? Avoid potentially long-term disability coverage and dramatically reduce wait times from diagnosis to recovery with this exclusive program.
  • Corporate Benefits Consulting

    Find out how our Corporate Benefit Focus saved our clients in excess of $4.2 million in premiums paid to their insurance companies over the past year.